qualities of a great new hire
Any great new hire will likely have these three qualities.

3 Qualities of a Great New Hire

If you’re searching for excellent new employees to add to your workforce, whether temporary or permanent, there are a few qualities you should look for. Every applicant is different and brings unique strengths to their respective role. However, the following three qualities can almost always be found in a great new hire. 

A Desire to Learn and Grow

Candidates that are eager to learn and gain more knowledge are typically employees you want to have on your team. These individuals are always seeking to improve their skills and be a resource to others. When you screen candidates, you will want to gauge their willingness to learn while on the job and make positive contributions to the workplace. 

Demonstrated Interest

There are many great candidates out there, but a great new hire will be specifically beneficial for your organization’s needs. If a candidate has a genuine, expressed interest in your business or industry, they are more likely to be invested in their work and committed to their responsibilities. 

Employment History 

There are many reasons to look at employment history, but one of the most useful reasons is to get a sense of how committed candidates have been in their past positions. Frequent job-hopping or large employment gaps may indicate that a candidate may not be altogether interested in any long-term commitments. However, these instances in employment history may also be due to other factors, so you should nevertheless ask the candidate about them. Their answers can be an effective way to learn more about the candidate as well. 

When you find a candidate that expresses interest in the work, a desire to learn, and a history of commitment to their work, you have found a great new hire. 

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