the benefits of project-based-employees
Blending permanent and project-based employees can be very beneficial.

The Benefits of Using Both Permanent and Project-Based Employees

Many companies today consist of a blended workforce of both permanent and project-based employees. This blend can provide many benefits for the employer, and as such, is becoming more popular than conventional staffing practices. By working with First Team Staffing to find the best project-based employees to add to your short-term team, you can reap significant benefits. Read on to learn how this blended workforce can be a positive change. 

Lower Staffing Overhead

Hiring and retaining full-time employees is expensive for any company. Especially when you factor in benefits, bonuses, or retirement packages, the cost of a full-time employee can be even higher. If you are looking to cut back on high expenses, you can use permanent and project-based employees to complete the work that needs doing while saving you money. 

For instance, you may hire permanent staff to manage the critical operations of your company. Then, for work overload or non-core projects, you can bring on project-based employees. You can use these temp workers when you need them without worrying about paying for them later when their work is unnecessary. 

Fresh Perspectives

Workplace culture can affect an employee’s outlook, and if everyone gets stuck in their usual roles, they may begin to be driven just by memory rather than creativity. This can lead to stale ideas and meager enthusiasm for projects. By bringing on temporary team members, you bring in people who are not stuck in a rut, are eager to get to work and are ready to explore creative new options. This fresh perspective helps give your projects a boost. 

Passionate Workers

An overstretched staff can quickly lose their passion for a project. Inserting project-based employees into your team will help lighten the load and simultaneously reignite that spark of passion for the project, and increase the engagement of all employees. 

Flexible Work Environments Attract More Employees

Using a blended workforce that embraces project-based employees creates more flexibility that, in turn, attracts more skilled contractors who are looking for flexible job opportunities. The more you use temporary workers, the more likely you are to attract them to your team. 

Increased Productivity

Adding temporary workers to your permanent team brings more flexibility, excitement, fresh perspectives, and a skilled workforce to your company. All of this contributes to higher productivity and enthusiasm for each project. 

If you have projects or workloads that vary throughout the year, have specialized needs, or want to increase your team’s productivity, using project-based employees alongside permanent employees could be the best method for excellent results. 

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