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Learn what your company can do to build strong staffing agency relationships.

How Companies Can Build Strong Staffing Agency Relationships

Finding and hiring the best employees for your organization can be time-consuming and expensive, and even more so when you make a bad hire. Using the services of a staffing agency can help you avoid the time and expenses associated with hiring new employees and can even help you find the very best candidates for your company. When companies build strong staffing agency relationships, they can take full advantage of this streamlined recruitment process. But how can companies build those relationships? The following tips can help you work well with your local staffing agency. 

Be Direct About Your Needs

The first step in building strong staffing agency relationships is to communicate what your company needs. What do you need in your employees, and what is your timetable for bringing new people on board? You may also invite staffing agents to see your workplace firsthand to examine your corporate culture and work environment. This knowledge will help the recruiter advise you on whether temporary, part-time, or full-time employees may be best for a project and help them find the best candidates for your company. 

Look for Insider Expertise

When looking for your best staffing agency partner, look for a firm with industry knowledge relevant to your company. This will not only mean that the staffing agents will know best how to find employees for your business but will most likely already have access to a roster of qualified candidates. 

Streamline the Hiring Process

One of the primary benefits of building strong staffing agency relationships is access to the agency’s network. Agencies can draw from their network of skilled local professionals and provide you with a great candidate. This is a much more streamlined process compared to posting job listings and hoping that qualified candidates apply.

Staffing agencies also help streamline the hiring process by interviewing candidates, making reference and background checks, and handling onboarding paperwork. When you are relieved of caring for these tasks, you can focus on your company’s critical business. 

Stay In Touch

Keep your recruiters informed of any changes in your hiring requirements. After an employee comes on board, review their progress with the agency. This helps the agency determine whether they are providing you with the best services and whether they can improve their recruitment process. 

Take Action When Things Don’t Work

Despite everyone’s best efforts, sometimes a hire just doesn’t work out. In this situation, you should determine whether the worker wasn’t a good fit or the agency wasn’t a good fit. 

How a staffing agency responds to problems will tell you whether you want to continue your relationship with them. Do they work with you to find a solution? If so, it is worth continuing to build this partnership. 

The overall benefit of building strong staffing agency relationships is having access to staffing experts who help you find the right talent for your company while helping you save time and money while meeting your business goals.

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