employee onboarding checklist
Follow this employee onboarding checklist for a successful new hire integration.

The Essential Employee Onboarding Checklist

Being prepared for new employees is essential for successfully integrating them into your workplace. Sometimes the process can be overwhelming, especially when you have other tasks on your mind. First Team Staffing knows that the first few weeks and months of a new hire’s employment are crucial for retention and for establishing expectations. Employee onboarding does not look the same with every position, but the general process should follow the path below. Following this employee onboarding checklist will help guarantee the successful training and retention of new hires. 

Company Policies and Safety Reviews

Every employee onboarding checklist must begin with informing your new hire about company operations, any legal requirements, and any training they need to take for fire safety. It is useful to give your new hires a handbook that provides this information as well. 

Schedule Overview

It is crucial to make sure that your new hire knows what their schedule is for the employee onboarding process, where they can access it, and with whom they can discuss any issues. Also, make sure that they know the timekeeping processes, and that they understand any time off policies. 

Office Tour and Colleague Introductions

While your new hire must know all of the crucial information, they should also be made to feel comfortable in their new environment. You can help increase their comfort by showing them around the office and introducing them to everyone. Keep the tour light and informal, and take care to introduce your new hire to employees with whom they will be directly working. You can provide a company directory with photos to your new hire afterward, as they are likely to forget some of this onslaught of information.

Review of Position

An essential part of the employee onboarding process is to give your employee a clear description of their role and give them any assignments you want them to complete in the first few weeks. 

Equipment and Office Technology

It is very important to ensure that your new hire knows how to log in and operate any equipment they will need to use. Give them the information required if they encounter issues, and if they need training, book them in a course as soon as possible. 

Company Integration

Company socialization is just as important as schedule information is for new hires. If you have a company social group or chat, let the employee know right away that they are invited to join. You should also welcome the new hire to any scheduled after-work drinks or meet-ups, and encourage your team to encourage new hires to get involved. 

Regular Meetings and Reviews

Finally, once you have completed the first phase of your employee onboarding process, you should take care to check in on the new hire during their first few weeks. Touch base to make sure they are settling in and understanding everything. You should also schedule a six-month review to discuss their performance

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