master a remote interview
Follow these techniques for an excellent remote interview.

5 Ways to Master the Remote Interview

If you’re searching for a new job in 2020, chances are that you will be expected to conduct a remote interview. Whether this interview is conducted over the phone or a video call, there are specific ways you have to adjust and prepare for a remote interview. Before you prepare for your next job interview, remember these tips to make sure you are ready to make your best impression. 

Read the Invitation Thoroughly

When you receive an email or calendar invite from a recruiter, read through the entire message carefully. This includes double-checking the date and time and confirming that a videoconferencing link is provided if applicable. You should also check the notes for additional instructions, including any items you will need to send or have with you, and details about who you will be speaking with. 

Ask for the Recruiter’s Phone Number

If an emergency should occur, it is useful to have another way to contact your recruiter. If you are unexpectedly delayed, have a bad WiFi connection, or are experiencing trouble connecting to the meeting, you can call them right away to inform them of the situation. 

Use a Private and Quiet Location

Conducting your remote interview in a quiet location ensures that no visual or auditory distractions will disrupt your interview. Choose a space where people are less likely to interrupt you. If you’re at home, you may choose a bedroom with a locked door instead of a kitchen, for example. 

You should also clean the area visible during the interview. This creates an impression of professionalism for your interview that your recruiter will appreciate. 

Test Your Equipment Ahead of the Interview

One of the biggest problems during a remote interview is the equipment. Before your remote interview, do what you can to test your equipment. Conduct a trial call with a friend to test your:

  • Internet connection
  • Camera clarity
  • Microphone 

Ask your friend if they can see and hear you clearly and whether anything is distracting in the background. 

Stay Visually Engaged

When conducting a remote interview, it can be hard to convey to your interviewer that you’re engaged, so there are a few techniques you can use to mimic eye contact. 

You can position the video window on your screen below the camera, which keeps your face in line with the camera and the interviewer. When speaking, direct your eyes at the camera instead of the video screen. 

While it may feel natural to say phrases like “I see..” while listening to someone speak in person, it can become confusing when more than one person tries to speak on a video call. Instead, you can demonstrate attentiveness by nodding and smiling as your interviewer speaks. This shows you are listening and engaged, but it doesn’t create any auditory issues. 

By following these tips, you can be sure to ace your remote interview and land that dream job. 

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