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Why is your job search less than satisfying? The following factors may be holding you back.

Why Your Job Search May Be Failing and How to Fix It

Trying to find a job can be frustrating, and it can often be hard to figure out what isn’t working and what you can do to fix it. There are a handful of common issues that tend to turn off employers. When applying for jobs, it is important to keep in mind that you want to stand out, but you also want to make a good, professional first impression. When you’re competing against so many other applicants, even the slightest error can make a difference. If your job search has been failing, there may be a few reasons why; if you want to fix it, you can work with First Team Staffing to find work fast

Why Your Job Search May Be Failing

Six factors may need improvement for your job search to find success: 

  • Your cover letter: should be short and reflect professionalism.
  • Your resume: should be professional and easy to read, with a clean layout and no spelling errors.
  • Qualifications: your work experience and skills listed on your resume should match those listed in the job ad. 
  • Timeliness: make sure to show up early to your interview, and respond to emails and phone calls within 24 hours. 
  • Lack of confidence: with the right preparation for your interview, you can walk in projecting confidence. 
  • Follow up: follow up after sending your resume.

How To Improve Your Job Search 

While there are actions you should avoid during your job search, there are a few other actions you should do more often to improve your chances. We recommend doing the following: 

  • Learn about the company and position, so you sound informed.
  • Edit your resume for each job you’re applying to, and think of what hiring managers will be looking for. Make that information easy to identify. 
  • Show up on time, dress professionally, and be polite. 
  • Look up standard interview questions and write down your answers. Even if they don’t ask you all of those questions, they will likely ask you some, and it is best to be prepared. 
  • If you have considered working with staffing agents in the past, now is the time to ask for help. A staffing agency can help you refine and improve your job search. 

How a Staffing Agency Can Help

What does a staffing agency bring to your job search? An agency will have an ongoing list of job openings across many industries, with temporary and full-time positions available. Often, you can hear about these openings before the general public does. The agency can also provide interview coaching and resume guidance. Your staffing agent wants to find the best fit for you, so they will work hard to place you in a position that benefits your goals and those of the company. 

If your job search is failing today, consider working with a staffing agency in the future to benefit from expert guidance in your professional life. 

Let First Team Staffing Be Your Employment Solution

First Team Staffing, located in Baltimore, MD, specializes in the recruitment and placement of professional and temporary workers. The company, founded in 1982, is now a national leader in our industry. In our 35+ years of business, First Team has remained hands-on, relationship-based, and dedicated to partnerships we forge with our clients. We are proud to help our clients achieve their goals by providing them with a flexible and qualified workforce while providing genuine career opportunities to candidates. First Team Staffing has offices in Baltimore, Aberdeen, White Marsh, Columbia, Bowie, and Sparrows Point, MD. We have recently opened offices in Tennessee, located in Nashville, La Vergne, and Mount Juliet. Visit us online or in-person today to start your job or employee search, or reach us by phone at 410-719-0404. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for employment advice and company updates.

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