how to get hired
Follow these tips to make a good impression and get hired.

How to Get Hired

Job searches can be difficult, and interviews can be even more so. When you feel the pressure to impress within a few minutes, you may let your nerves get the best of you. However, recruiters at staffing agencies have worked with countless job seekers and have plenty of experience to spot what can help a candidate and what can hurt them. The following tips are extremely helpful in helping you get hired for a new position. 

Stay Professional 

As an applicant submitting a resume online, your first chance to make a good impression on a recruiter is when you submit your resume. This means that your contact information, or email address you use to send the resume, should be professional. Keep your address simple: typically, your name is a great way to keep it straightforward. This not only prevents the recruiter from being distracted by an unprofessional address but helps them remember who they are contacting. 

Dress to Impress

A recruiter is trying to find the best person for the job, and by dressing to impress, you can help yourself get hired. Dressing well for an interview doesn’t necessarily mean wearing a suit. Instead, following general professional guidelines is best. Wear clothing that is modest, clean, and not wrinkled. If you are questioning whether the outfit is appropriate, you should probably try something else. 

Show Up and Be On Time

This may sound simple, but a common way to make a good impression on your interviewer and help yourself get hired is to show up to the interview – on time. If you are traveling to a new location for your interview, give yourself extra travel time to make sure that you have a cushion if you get lost. You don’t want to show up to your interview late or in a rush. Showing up on time demonstrates that you can handle your time well. 

However, if you find another job or change your mind about moving forward in the interview process, you should let your recruiter know before your scheduled interview time. Don’t just not show up. Show that you respect the time of your recruiter by letting them know to cancel your scheduled interview.

Brush Up On Your Interview Skills

It’s impossible to have the perfect answer to every question, so don’t expect to have it. It is more important to be honest and highlight the skills and admirable traits you bring to the table. Don’t lie and say you know something that you don’t. Additionally, if you are often distracted by your phone, leave it in your car before your interview, turn it off or put it on silent. Your interviewer should have your full attention. 

Finally, keep it positive. Even if your previous work experiences weren’t always sunny, you can spin your history into positive lessons and goals. By remembering these tips for impressing your interviewer or recruiter, you can find that it is relatively easy to get hired for that exciting new position

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