how to improve your resume
Learn what you can do to improve your resume today.

How to Improve Your Resume Today

Keeping an updated and polished resume is essential for anybody looking for work or planning a job search. In the unpredictable job market, having a stellar resume on hand is always a plus. When updating your resume, or working with First Team Staffing agents to improve your resume, remember the following tips. 

Keep Your Goals in Mind

Many people think that their resume is only useful for displaying work experience. However, you should also make clear your intention behind your resume. Include the information that is relevant to the job you are applying to. This will give the impression that your work history was purposeful and followed a definable path. 

Flaunt Your Accomplishments

Dedicate a spot on your resume for your accomplishments. This can be “Awards and Accomplishments” or “Special Achievements.” You can improve your resume by creating a concise list of accomplishments. To determine what to include, ask yourself the following: 

  • Where have you felt most appreciated?
  • What do you consider to be your greatest achievement so far?
  • What have you been publicly recognized for? 


A significant way to improve your resume is by simplifying its appearance. Make sure the most critical information is what stands out first. You don’t want to make reading your resume difficult for a hiring manager who sees dozens of resumes each day. You can make your resume simple by making your contact info easy to find, writing paragraphs that are no longer than three or four lines, and using bulleted lists when you can. Use headings that are bolded, underlined, or in a larger text size to introduce the information. 

Include a Little Flair

You want your resume to look clean and professional, but it may be useful to add a small bit of “flair.” If you use a template that incorporates little pops of color here and there, this can help draw the eye of whoever is reading your resume and inspire them to look closer. 

Triple Check Your Grammar

If there is even one grammatical error on a resume, it may cause the hiring manager to disregard your application. You can check your grammar by using programs like Grammarly, re-reading your resume, and asking others to read it. It never hurts to be too careful with your resume. 

Get Help from Professionals

If you are working with a staffing agency, you have an extra resource for resume help. Staffing agency employees can help job seekers tailor their resume for their industry and practice their interview skills. Getting advice from professionals gives you a unique insight into the employment process. 

By taking these steps to improve your resume, you can begin your next job search feeling much more prepared and confident in your ability to land that dream job

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