Is light industrial work the right fit for you
Light industrial work encompasses many jobs at many facilities. Could it be the right fit for you?

How to Know if Light Industrial Work is Right For You

First Team Staffing works with several companies that are hiring for light industrial positions. You may have seen job postings on our website, but you may not be entirely sure what “light industrial” means. How is light industrial work different from traditional manufacturing, production, or distribution jobs? Our experience with light industrial staffing means we can answer any questions you have about what light industrial work may entail. Read on to discover whether a light industrial position is the right fit for your skills. 

What Is Light Industrial Work? 

Light industrial work is similar to the work you can find in manufacturing or distribution positions but on a smaller scale. For instance, light industrial labor can involve producing or distributing smaller products and parts of larger goods. This kind of work typically does the following: 

  • Relies on labor more than machinery
  • Utilizers fewer materials, which creates less waste
  • Uses partially produced materials to produce items

As a worker in this space, you may assist with product assembly, packaging goods and preparing them for shipment, or performing quality control. Additionally, light industrial jobs span several industries, including food production, automobile part assembly, home furnishings, and more. 

What Are Light Industrial Jobs?

A few typical job titles in the light industrial space include: 

  • Electronic Assembler
  • Inventory Clerk
  • Machine Operator
  • Quality Control Tester
  • Welder

The positions available in light industrial work are variable enough to fit the skill set and comfort of various types of individuals and employees. 

Are You a Good Fit For Light Industrial Work? 

If you are new to the manufacturing industry, you should note that “light” in this instance does not mean “easy.” Light industrial work is still very physical and doesn’t utilize as much machinery to get the job done. Before you apply for a light industrial position, you should keep in mind the physical demands that will be made of you. The best light industrial candidates have the following skills: 

  • Attention to detail
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to handle small parts and components
  • Dependability

Having abilities which will ensure that production is efficient and effective, and that demonstrate employers can rely on you to finish tasks on time is crucial. 

If you think you fit this profile description, contact First Team Staffing’s job board today to discover potential light industrial work in the Baltimore area. 

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