tips for successful phone interview
Follow these tips for a successful phone interview.

How to Prepare for a Successful Phone Interview

If you have recently landed yourself an interview, congratulations! But what if your employer wants to conduct the interview over the phone? With more businesses working from home and the complexity of online video chat services, more employers may request interviewees to meet with them over the phone. While many of the usual tips for preparing for an interview still apply in this scenario, there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for a successful phone interview. 

Do Your Research 

As with any job interview, it is essential to do thorough research on the company with which you are interviewing. You can research by: 

  • Looking through their website, reading their mission statement, and learning about the owner of the company
  • Speaking with anyone who has worked with the company before
  • Reading reviews from customers and former employees

Create a Cheat Sheet

A unique advantage you can enjoy during a phone interview is the ability to keep a “cheat sheet” nearby to help guide you in your interview. You may include various items, such as the following: 

  • Important details that demonstrate your knowledge of the company and its industry
  • Reasons why you want to work for the company
  • Strengths that make you a good fit for the position
  • Previous job experience that aligns with the job you are applying for
  • Examples of your “weaknesses,” but explained in a way that is still positive
  • Any questions you have for your interviewer, preferably one or two

Conduct Your Phone Interview in the Right Environment

Make sure that you have chosen the best location for your phone interview beforehand, so no unnecessary interruptions occur. Make sure that: 

  • Your service and connection is good
  • Your battery is fully charged
  • You feel comfortable and confident in your setting

Block Out Time

It is important to set aside enough time to account for a potentially long phone interview. Cutting the interview short leaves a bad impression with the interviewer, so it is much better to carve out lots of time for this interview. 

Be an Active Listener

Always be sure to ask questions about the position and company during your phone interview. This shows that you are engaged in the conversation and genuinely interested in what your interviewer has to say. By asking questions, they can tell you are paying attention and invested in learning more about this company. 

Get Expert Advice

If you desire more guidance for conducting your phone interview, you can consult with our employment experts at First Team Staffing. We can guide you through the entire job search process and recommend the best interview techniques that can help you get hired. Contact us today! 

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