how to prepare for a video interview
A video interview can be difficult, but by following these tips you can be fully prepared for success.

How to Expertly Prepare for a Video Interview

Increasingly more employers are using video interviews to streamline their recruitment process. As more people continue to work from home and out of the office, video interviews are becoming more necessary. However, interviewing remotely can be quite awkward the first time. Preparing for a video interview can often be similar to preparing for an in-person interview, but with a few key differences. Read on to learn how you can prepare for an excellent video interview. 

Understand the Company’s Culture

Your potential employer is looking for a candidate whose values, work habits, and ambitions align with their own. You can figure out what a company is looking for by: 

  • Browsing the company’s Facebook page
  • Search for the company name plus “company culture” and see if any results come up
  • Read the “about us” or equivalent section on their website
  • Use LinkedIn to determine whether you have any connections at the company; if so, reach out for information.

Know the Company’s Product or Service

Researching the company beforehand is crucial for helping you prepare for a video interview. Understanding what your company does will help you sound adequately informed. You can stand out among other applicants if you can enter an interview knowing what makes the company different or better than its competitors. You can research a company by perusing their website and searching for relevant news articles. 

Rehearse and Practice Your Video Interview

Just like any interview, it is best to prepare for a video interview by practicing beforehand. You can practice by: 

  • Answering common interview questions
  • Familiarizing yourself with the company
  • Recording yourself on a computer or phone video. This can help you evaluate your answers and body language.
  • Gathering a few stories of you overcoming failure or adversity, as you will most likely be asked for one during the interview.
  • Making a list of questions you want to ask the employer.

Pick the Right Attire

If you are unsure of how to dress for your video interview, you should always dress more formal than casual. Even if you wouldn’t be required to wear a blazer and slacks every day for work, your employer will likely be impressed that you dressed up for your virtual meeting.

Check Your Computer Tech

When you prepare for a video interview, you must also make sure that your computer is as ready as you are. Before your meeting, you should run through a tech checklist: 

  • Determine which device you feel most comfortable using
  • Make sure you have downloaded the required interview application.
  • An Internet speed of at least 350 Kbps per second is recommended. If your speed is lower than 350 Kbps, close bandwidth-hogging applications or find an alternative place to conduct your interview. 
  • Make sure your device is fully charged and plugged in
  • Find a room with decent lighting, so your face is visible
  • Test your microphone before your interview
  • During a video interview, you often look at the interview “window” rather than your web camera. To adjust your eyesight, we recommend positioning your video closer to the top center of your screen. 

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