resolutions for job seekers
New Year’s resolutions for job seekers may include improving their networking skills.

Resolutions for Job Seekers in the New Year

Many people like to create new year’s resolutions for themselves at the start of the year. This can be a helpful exercise for determining what your goals are and what you want to accomplish in the next 12 months. Crafting resolutions for your career can be a beneficial tool for job seekers. Below are a few suggested resolutions for job seekers, falling under a variety of categories. Whether you want to work on networking or your resume, you can consider committing to some of the following goals. 


If you want to improve your networking skills, you may consider: 

  • Meeting three new people each month who can help you with your job search
  • Learning how to leverage social media for networking and communicating about your work
  • Setting up informal discussions with decision-makers or hiring managers, even if they are not hiring currently

Resumes and Interviews

Job seekers should always be looking for ways to improve their resume and interviewing skills. If you work with a staffing agency, you can benefit from working with staffing agents equipped to give you advice on improving your resume and interviews. Conducting practice interviews and creating multiple resume drafts will also give you a chance to explore what works and what does not. 

Dedication to Your Job Search 

If you are having trouble motivating yourself during your job search, consider making these resolutions: 

  • Dedicate the appropriate amount of time for your job search every week, and prioritize it ahead of activities like watching TV or playing video games. 
  • Build a plan for your job search by outlining resources to research and people to contact. 
  • When discouraged, share your concerns with trusted friends who can offer good advice. Don’t give up!

Life Outside of Work

Building your resume and practicing interviews is not the only way to become an excellent candidate. Job seekers can take actions to use their time outside of work to develop their character, and in turn, build skills that will serve them well. You may consider: 

  • Volunteering for a good cause and meeting new people who share your interests
  • Reading, learning, and teaching when you can about subject matters that are pertinent to your profession
  • Taking up some exercise you enjoy and using it as a stress reliever

Working with Recruiters

When you work with recruiters, you can resolve this year to build your relationship with your recruiter by helping them find you the job you want. Your recruiter needs you to do your part as they find you open positions. Together, you can craft the best plan for your new year job search. 

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