staffing agencies help you avoid bad hires
Staffing agencies can help your company avoid bad hires and find the best new employees.

How a Staffing Agency Can Help You Avoid Bad Hires

Staffing agencies are crucial hiring tools for many companies. An agency is experienced and skilled at sorting through a candidate pool and selecting the best applications for each open position. A staffing agency also provides resources like background checks and interviews that save companies time and help ensure excellent candidate choices. If you are considering whether your company can benefit from a staffing agency, read on to learn what agencies can do to keep bad hires out of your company. 

An Agency Completes a Background Check 

The best staffing agency for your company will have the resources to conduct a thorough background check on potential employees. This saves your company time and ensures that all information on a candidate’s resume is accurate. This is one of the most effective ways to avoid bad hires and replacing a new candidate shortly after hiring them. 

Agencies Conduct Interviews

Many staffing agencies conduct a pre-qualification interview for their pool of candidates before sending them to a final interview with your company. Agencies will interview a candidate and then consider your company’s factors when deciding whether the candidate is prepared. These factors include company culture, the core job description requirements, and any secondary factors that affect the applicant’s resume quality. Depending on these factors, the agency will determine whether the candidate is a potential right choice for your position. They will not send unqualified candidates to interview with you, which saves you time. 

Agencies Act As Company HR

Often the executives at a staffing agency will communicate with the HR executives at your company to identify the core staffing needs. The staffing agency will then mimic your company’s typical interview process and questions to choose the best candidates for the open position. This helps save your company a lot of time and effort when you may be understaffed. This practice also enables you to avoid bad hires through the experience staffing agencies have with candidates; they know how to spot the very best applicants for your position. 

A Staffing Agency Has a Wide Reach 

Staffing agencies know how to reach out to potential candidates through multiple platforms. They can use social media platforms, as well as digital marketing techniques. This helps them reach out to thousands of potential candidates within hours. Some agencies also incorporate LinkedIn Recruiters to reach out to qualified candidates specifically.

Agencies Help You Fulfill Staffing Needs Quickly 

A staffing agency can conduct hundreds of interviews in a single week. They are working fulltime to fill your open positions, which helps keep your HR department focused on your current employees. The commitment of a staffing agency enables you to avoid bad hires because they are fully committed to finding the best candidates as efficiently as possible. 

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