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Learn what you can do to stand out during a tough interview process.

How to Stand Out During the Interview Process

Whenever you apply for a job, you will likely be vying for the position against multiple other candidates. While you can polish your resume and write an excellent cover letter, conducting a successful interview is still a key part of the hiring process. When you work with a staffing agency to find the best job openings, you can take advantage of their interview tips. When preparing for the interview process, your staffing agent may help you remember the following tips for success.  

Walk In With Confidence

Positive energy not only affects those around you but gives you the confidence you need to present your best self. Your interview wants to feel that you are a positive person and excited about the job opportunity. If you arrive in a great mood, your interviewer will notice. 

Keep Your Composure

During the interview process, work to maintain your physical composure. Don’t fidget with your belongings, and make sure your hands are free for a handshake. Stay calm and focused, and let the interviewer lead you through the start of the interview so you can follow their lead. 

Prepare Your Answers

A few questions always come up in the interview process, no matter what the position is. Preparing basic responses for these questions can help you feel more prepared and confident in your answers. A few questions you can expect are: 

  • Can you give an example of when you overcame a challenge at work?
  • Why do you think you’re a good fit for the job? 
  • What are some jobs you have held that are similar to this position? 

Prepare Your Own Questions

The interviewer isn’t the only one allowed to ask questions. In fact, most interviewers will ask you whether you have any questions for them. If you don’t, you may give the impression that you aren’t very interested in the position or industry. The questions you ask will show your motivations and curiosity in the industry. If you have trouble thinking of questions on the spot, prepare questions before your interview. 

Leave on a Good Note

Once the interview is complete, thank the interviewer for their time. Let them know that you look forward to hearing from them, and ask what may come next, so you have a clear idea of when it is appropriate to follow up. Then, remember to maintain your professionalism and composure until you have left the interview altogether. 

By remembering these tips for the interview process, you can be sure that you feel adequately prepared and comfortable. 

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