sought-after soft skills
These sought-after soft skills can help employees stand out to recruiters.

The Most Sought-After Soft Skills for Job Candidates

When hiring managers and recruiters look at candidates for a position, they will look at hard and soft skills. While hard skills refer to technical knowledge a candidate brings to a specific role, soft skills are more general, often interpersonal skills which help people become excellent employees. When a candidate possesses some of the following most sought-after soft skills, a recruiter can recognize that they will likely be an asset to their company.

Learning Agility 

One of the most sought-after soft skills is learning agility or a candidate’s ability to problem-solve their way through an unknown scenario. This skill demonstrates how quickly and easily you can absorb and apply new information. It signals that you’re adaptable and aren’t too “stuck in your ways,” but can adjust to new situations. 


Employers appreciate candidates who are keen on finding ways to collaborate with coworkers, even when they must work from home. Collaboration is a sought-after soft skill not only because teamwork can help projects be completed faster and more effectively. The ability to collaborate also indicates that the candidate is skilled at communicating with others and balancing responsibilities. 


Resilience to challenges is becoming one of the more sought-after soft skills, particularly after experiencing the challenges of pandemic work. Resilience is often demonstrated by an employee’s ability to be optimistic and adaptable. In the modern workplace, challenges arise all the time, and employees should meet those challenges without too much strife. Employers will appreciate a candidate who is ready to be flexible and meet demands under unforeseen circumstances. 

Creativity and Innovation 

Creativity and innovation aren’t always teachable, which is partially why recruiters are impressed with candidates that demonstrate these skills. When many employees are made to work from home, they are also made to find more innovative ways of tackling their responsibilities. If you can adapt and innovate, your potential employer will appreciate working with someone flexible and creative. 


All soft skills eventually come down to excellent communication. As teams work from home or with at-home teams, communication is becoming even more important for job candidates. Being able to listen to others, build understanding, and be thoughtful in your choice of words are all excellent communication skills that will benefit you in any job. 

When meeting with a recruitment office, have concrete anecdotes prepared that demonstrate your excellent soft-skills. These skills can help set you apart from other candidates in the applicant pool and help turn your new job into a great opportunity. 

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