Many Americans often experience a period of unemployment. For some, that time is longer than for others. In today’s job market, finding a job can be challenging. If you are in search of dire employment, consider a temporary position. Temporary jobs are available within many job sectors. Regardless of your skills, the job opportunities are abundant in temp work.

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Temporary Jobs are a hot commodity during the summer months.

Working a temporary job is beneficial for a few reasons. A temp position can help you maintain and take care of your responsibilities. You can also fill in gaps in your resume by working a temp job. Some people also use temp jobs to gain supplemental income. Those are some of the valuable benefits of working in a temporary position.

Keep in mind that these positions are for everyone, including retirees. If you are currently unemployed or seeking a part-time job, consider working any of the following temporary jobs.

Event Planner

  • Working as an event planner provides decent pay for a temp position.
  • The starting salary is from $25-27 per hour.
  • Event planners coordinate events and ensure that they operate without any issues. More often than not, they are responsible for planning events like conferences.
  • A good event planner should possess excellent multitasking skills.
  • One should also be able to implement cost-effective methods.

Landscape Worker

Landscape work is excellent for people looking for seasonal work. These jobs are more prevalent and available during the warmer months. You’ll also have the opportunity to work outdoors, so that’s a plus for some.


A lifeguard is also another job position where you can work outdoors. Working as a lifeguard is predominately seasonal. Lifeguards work at residential pools, water parks, and public beaches. They are primarily responsible for ensuring the safety of individuals in the water.

Human Resources Specialists

Human resources offer a wide array of positions. Human resource specialists focus on the onboarding process for new employees. Some specialists also assist with interviewing job candidates and performing background checks on prospective employees. The average salary for this position is nearly $30 an hour.

Administrative Assistant

Working as an administrative assistant is one of the most popular temporary jobs available. Administrative assistants are responsible for clerical tasks. Some include handling phones, maintaining various schedules, and preparing documents. To succeed in this position, you need strong organizational skills, and you need to be an effective communicator.

Data Entry Clerk

A data entry clerk is an entry-level position within many companies and businesses. They are mainly responsible for entering data into computer software. Working in this role requires excellent attention to detail. Maintaining accuracy within reports is also an essential trait for a data entry clerk. It is also helpful to be proficient in operating computers.

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