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Data entry clerks are responsible for entering information into electronic databases with speed and accuracy.

What Does a Data Entry Clerk Do?

You’ve most likely seen many job postings for data entry clerks during your employment search. Most of these postings are for entry-level positions, so it’s a good starting point for a potential career or to earn a passive income. But what does a data entry clerk do? Are you qualified to land the job, or do you need to enhance your current skill set? Read on for further information you need to know to determine if this is the right job for you. 

What is a Data Entry Clerk?

A data entry clerk’s responsibility is to enter information into electronic databases. Employers may also require you to verify the information for accuracy, duplicate notes or audio files, create spreadsheets, and back up your entering information. You may find these jobs under different job titles within several industries, such as transcribers, typists, data specialists, and clerks. The pay for these positions varies depending on your professional experience, location, and industry.

Data Entry Professional Skills

Data entry clerks are constantly well-placed to advance to other positions, so you will need several vital skills to thrive in your interview and on the job.

  • Basic Understanding of Office Software. Data entry is a computer-based job. Before applying, ensure you know your way around standard office equipment (printer, scanner, copier) and office programs such as Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Fast Typing Speed. The primary task of a data entry clerk’s job is inputting large amounts of data in a short time while remaining accurate. You can find free online tools to figure out or enhance your typing speed.
  • Excellent Verbal & Written Communication. Whether working in person or remotely, you are still part of a team. You are expected to communicate quickly and professionally through phone calls, email, video conferencing, etc.
  • Quick Learner. Employers love hiring fast learners who can learn new software skills. Even after your training, technology is constantly changing, so you must be prepared and flexible to continue learning different software throughout your professional career.
  • Great Organization Skills. If you’re going to get your work accomplished, you will need to be well organized and have excellent time management skills. Scheduling your day and prioritizing your tasks will differentiate between enjoying a data entry position and failing.
  • Detail-Oriented. If your work is filled with errors, it won’t benefit you or your employer to have all the information entered on time. Data entry clerks are required to stay focused on their tasks and double-check their work for accuracy.

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