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These six signs indicate that it’s time you begin a new job search.

6 Signs You Should Begin a New Job Search

The days of joining a company and rising through the ranks for 40 years have mostly receded into the past. Today, many individuals will change their jobs every few years in search of better opportunities, benefits, or a more challenging atmosphere. There are a variety of reasons why you may want to find a new job, and although it can sometimes be intimidating to start at someplace new, it can often be rewarding. If you are unsure whether your current situation is satisfying your career needs, look for the following six signs, which indicate that you should begin a new job search. 

You’re Overworked

If you find yourself taking on more duties outside of your job description, you may find yourself overworked, frustrated, or disengaged. If you find your employer unwilling to increase the headcount and assign realistic workloads, it may be time to begin a new job search for a position that has a manageable workload. 

Your Salary Hasn’t Increased

As your workload increases and you continue to prove your value to your company, you should see some growth in salary. Of course, salary raises won’t happen immediately, but if you have received positive feedback for a while and your salary has remained stagnant, it may be time to leave. A salary should keep pace with any increased responsibilities and the cost of living; if your job doesn’t do this, it may be more beneficial to work elsewhere.

You Don’t Feel Challenged

If you don’t feel challenged by your current employer, it may be time to begin a new job search. You will want to seek out a role that pushes you to accomplish new goals, acquire new skills, and exceed expectations. 

You Don’t Feel Appreciated

There are a variety of different motivating factors that drive employees in their careers, but overall most people want to feel appreciated for the work that they do. Employees often gravitate towards companies that foster a culture of appreciation, either by encouraging feedback from employers or offering monetary rewards for work well done. 

You Lack Job Satisfaction

If you feel as though you are not satisfied with your job, you should begin a new job search to find something more rewarding. But first, ask yourself about the source of dissatisfaction: is it your manager, your duties, your industry, or your lack of work/life balance? All of these factors can be changed, even if it takes some time. Considering how much time you spend at work, you shouldn’t settle for an unfulfilling career. 

Your Work Environment is Toxic 

If you find yourself in a work environment in which employers and peers use harsh language, abusive behavior, or threats as a means of motivation, you should begin a new job search. While this behavior may produce short-term results, long-term stays in toxic work environments can make you apathetic and can lead to a high-stress situation that has adverse effects on your health. 

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