Administrative Positions

Whether it’s temporary, seasonal, or a direct hire, administrative positions can provide stability for a company and its candidates.  Administrative assistants aid in all sorts of office tasks, including but not limited to greeting customers, answering phones, keeping files, coordinating appointments, and bookkeeping.  Not only this, but administrative assistant positions are available across many different industries.  Medical offices, warehouses, schools, and private businesses all require an admin!  It’s one of the most popular and reliable positions out there, and we know that we can match employers with the perfect candidates through our employment staffing agency services. 

What is the environment like?

Candidates seeking a position somewhere quiet will love admin work.  Though telecommuting is rare, administrative assistants will have their own space and desk, occasionally placed within their own office.  Even with the hustle and bustle of a warehouse, the administrative assistant will be in a more peaceful environment.  Depending on a company’s needs, the position can be full-time or part-time.  It’s also not uncommon to require an administrative assistant during seasonal peaks, and temporary staffing positions are frequently available.  However, direct-hire is also a possibility.

What skills are required?

For employers, it’s important to focus on previous skillsets in order to find the perfect employee.  Administrative positions often require experience and talents within the field that will narrow down applicants.  Computer experience is a must, as it is required for daily tasks.  Organization, attention to detail, and work ethic are also necessary skills.  An employment staffing agency like First Team Staffing is going to be able to match these qualities in candidates to the ideal company.  Different offices may need varying levels of talent, and a staffing agency can isolate candidates who fit the bill.

Is there opportunity for growth?

Yes!  Administrative assistant positions often provide the opportunity for growing and succeeding.  Though temporary staffing is common, companies may decide to keep particularly talented employees and make them full-time.  Candidates may find themselves moving to other departments, or they may rise in the ranks of the company with their hardworking nature.  Either way, there’s no doubt that upward movement is possible with administrative positions.

Why choose First Team Staffing?

With 35 years of experience, we’re professionals when it comes to matching candidates to the perfect administrative position.  We’re the best staffing agency you can find, serving employees and employers throughout the entire United States.  We know how it can be easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of job applications.  That’s why we’re dedicated to creating personal connections, so we can get you in touch with the best companies.  You’ll be able to find the administrative assistant position you’re seeking, and companies can work with us to find the ideal candidate for the job.

Contact First Team Staffing today for a more detailed idea of what we do across the nation!  We pride ourselves on personal connections.  If you’re a candidate looking for an administrative assistant position, learn more about what we can offer by exploring our website, blog, and social media.