Temp to Permanent Staffing Services

Sometimes, temporary employees work through the seasonal peak period, but they’re incredible at their jobs.  It’s not uncommon for someone to show great promise in their position, which can make it very difficult to send them back to the staffing agency when their time is supposed to be ending.  That’s why we offer temp to permanent staffing services in Maryland, Tennessee, Delaware, and Florida.  Temp to permanent positions are great for those who are looking for employees with an excellent work ethic, as these people are already trained.  Candidates also benefit from full-time positions that can give them security and benefits they were hoping to achieve.  Luckily, First Team Staffing is ready to help our clients and candidates with a practiced personal touch.

Benefits of Temp to Permanent Staffing

There are many benefits that come with temp to permanent positions.  It’s not a secret that these are coveted careers, and the reasons are varied.  Here are just a few examples:

  • No Training: When you hire for a full-time position, it usually requires training and onboarding, which costs time and money.  With a temp position, you’re already hiring someone with extensive experience who won’t need to be trained.  You can permanently keep this person on board, and avoid the onboarding process altogether, as they’ll already be comfortable.
  • Proven Employees: Chances are, if someone is being considered for full-time, they’ve already proved themselves in the workplace.  When you hire full-time from the start, the growing pains within the position may be too much.  It’s okay for employees and employers to not match, but temp to permanent positions are a kind of screening process to avoid that possibility.
  • Loyal Commitments: From both employees and employers, temp to permanent positions keep a sense of loyalty.  Employers will show that they appreciate the employee enough to keep them aboard, while the employee will show promise of growth and development.  The more you find wonderful temp to permanent workers, the more the company succeeds.
  • Employees Are Fulfilled: It’s not always easy for someone to find their dream job.  It requires hopping around to different positions, often to the detriment of the candidate and the companies for which they work.  With temp to permanent positions, the employee will be assured that they’re doing what they love.

Why work with First Team Staffing?

With over 35 years of experience, we know what it takes to find the perfect temp to permanent positions.  We connect our clients and customers across the nation on a personal basis, which means we get to know you before we start looking for your match.  We’re dedicated to providing you with a varied workforce that presents opportunity and growth.  When you work with First Team Staffing, you can rest assured that your search is in good hands.  Contact us today for more information on temp to permanent staffing.  You can also explore our website to learn more about our other staffing services, such as temporary positions that may also interest you.  Don’t impede your success!