Assembler Jobs Staffing Services

In terms of light industrial work, assembler jobs are some of the most important.  They are the backbone of mechanics and require specific training to ensure an employee is ready to work.  Assemblers will often have skill sets that can’t be found anywhere else, which makes them coveted by employers.  This is valuable as a potential employee, as your talents are desired.  As an employer, it can be difficult to make sure you’re hiring the right assembler for the job.  That’s why working with a staffing agency is so important.  First Team Staffing works hard to make sure employers are being connected with the right assembler candidates, so the work can be completed on time and successfully.  Assembler jobs are fantastic temporary jobs, and are field-specific.

What are the requirements for being an assembler?

Frequently, no higher education is required for such a trade skill.  Instead, experience is needed.  Assemblers must be skilled mechanics with a strong sense of attention to detail.  It’s often a physical job, which means assemblers must be physically fit enough to stand for long periods and occasionally lift heavy objects.  Excellent eyesight is an easily overlooked requirement, but is equally as vital in such a detail-oriented position.  Employers should know the exact job history of their hirees, as they should be able to determine how much experience the employee possesses.  When it comes to finding the right candidate, First Team Staffing focuses on that past.

Why work in assembly?

Assembler jobs are fulfilling, task-oriented positions.  They get a project from Point A to Point B, which tends to be very satisfying to the right kinds of people.  You’ll know you’ve got the right person for the job when they get excited about detail and success.  Assemblers should also work well in teams.  If you like group projects, assembly is for you!  It’s incredibly rewarding to complete an assembly task, and for many, this is their reason for waking up in the morning.

Why work with a staffing agency?

Are you concerned about your applicants’ employment history?  Are you doubting their resumes?  Are you a potential employee having trouble finding the right match?  Staffing agencies like First Team Staffing can help.  Instead of stumbling through applications to find the perfect employee, companies can work closely and personally with us to discover the best options.  Candidates can rest assured that their resume will be read and utilized, and that they’ll find the job, temporary or direct hire, that they want.

Why First Team Staffing?  There’s no better staffing agency in Maryland or anywhere else in the country.  We utilize our 7 branches of recruiters to find the employees our clients need.  Our 35 years of experience make us the most qualified to handle matchmaking employment.  For your assembly job, work with First Team Staffing to start moving towards success.