Picker/Packer Jobs Staffing Services

Being a picker/packer isn’t just warehouse busy work.  It’s an intensive, rewarding position that requires skill and knowledge.  Employers are looking for candidates that show promise within the warehouse industry, and this isn’t always easy to find.  When you work with a staffing agency like First Team Staffing, you’re more likely to find the best and most successful talent.  We know how important it is to fill these positions with people who care and want to come to work.  First Team Staffing promises to find just that.  It’s important for someone to understand why they might want to explore picker/packer jobs and what they entail.  Let’s examine the position in a little more detail.

What does a picker/packer do?

At warehouses, picker/packer jobs are those who work with packages and their organization.  It’s not just about packaging or keeping inventory.  It’s a mix of those, plus processing order tickets, moving items, scanning barcodes, and tracking accurately.  It’s a vital position that the entire warehouse rests its success upon, which means companies can’t hire just anyone.  In order to be a picker/packer, an employee will need previous skills.  You’ll need to be great with computers, aware of safety protocols, familiar with company communication, and seasoned with warehouse equipment.

Why choose a picker/packer job?

If you like a fast-paced environment, being a picker/packer in a warehouse setting is going to be a great fit.  Employers will greatly appreciate working with people who can keep up with the workplace’s demands.  If you love to fulfill expectations and go above and beyond, working as a picker/packer is a great choice.  You’ll never be bored, as there’s always going to be some activity for you to complete.  This kind of workplace attracts some of the most hardworking, intelligent people.

Why work with a staffing agency?

A staffing agency can make it easier for employers to find candidates who can fill temporary picker/packer positions.  They can streamline the process by eliminating other variables, like misread applications or rushed hiring.  Instead, a staffing agency can be used as a middle man to eliminate complications.  That way, employers will be presented with only the best options.

Work with First Team Staffing today to find the perfect picker/packer job for you!

When you visit us at First Team Staffing, you’re opening your doors to a world of opportunity.  We can show candidates the best positions that match their needs, and we can connect them with clients who need their skills.  When it comes to picker/packer jobs, First Team Staffing believes that this is one of our specialties.  Warehouse positions are great for temporary filling, and can even lead to full-time positions.  Skip the tedious process of searching through applications, and bypass the weary task of job searching.  Allow First Team Staffing to get you started, and we’ll help you reach your dream career!