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Make Forklift Safety A Priority With These Practical Tips

Accidents are common in warehouses and industrial environments, especially when machinery like forklifts is used. However, warehouse managers, supervisors, and drivers can adopt certain measures to minimize the risk of accidents caused by forklifts. In this regard, we will review why it is vital to examine the steps that can be taken to ensure maximum safety in the workplace.

Only Licensed Drivers Should Operate A Forklift

If you plan to operate a forklift, it’s essential to note that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires every forklift operator to get certified first. It’s important to note that, to avoid special fines, forklift operators must be recertified every three years. By ensuring that only trained individuals operate forklifts, you can limit the likelihood of harm. Operating a forklift without proper training may pose a risk to the operator, other people, materials, and the surrounding environment. Therefore, receiving appropriate training and certification before operating a forklift is crucial.

Check Your Load Before Moving

When preparing to load pallets onto a forklift, it is crucial to thoroughly inspect the cargo to identify any damaged planks, protruding nails, or missing support blocks. By ensuring that the load is adequately stacked, wrapped, and loaded, you can significantly reduce the risk of causing further damage to the cargo during the loading and transportation process. Taking these precautions can help ensure your goods’ safe and efficient transportation.

Make Sure Your Area Has Proper Lighting

Low or insufficient illumination is common in warehouses or work areas, leading to accidents and safety hazards. To avoid such incidents, improving the lighting in areas where forklifts are used and in packaging, picking, putting away, and product handling areas is crucial. Adequate and precise lighting enables employees to see and perform tasks accurately and precisely, enhancing their overall safety and productivity.

Keep Aisles And Paths Clear

Keeping the lanes free of debris and litter is essential to ensure the safe and efficient operation of forklifts in a warehouse. Forklifts are not designed to make sudden swerves or avoid obstructions while carrying cargo. In case of any blockage in the lane, the forklift may collide with the shelves and pallets, damaging the forklift, the load, and other products in the area. Therefore, keeping the lanes clean and obstruction-free is advisable to avoid any unwanted incidents and ensure smooth operations in the warehouse.

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