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Learn why a warehouse staffing agency is the best source for finding excellent new employees.

4 Reasons to Work with a Warehouse Staffing Agency

When it comes to staffing for your warehouse needs, using a staffing agency that is specialized and experienced in your industry can offer you boundless benefits. First Team Staffing is one such temporary staffing agency that has experience in finding employees for warehouse positions. Because we perform all of the steps in the recruitment and selection process, we can save you a lot of valuable time. No matter what type of positions you need to fill, working with a warehouse staffing agency will offer you several crucial benefits. 

A Warehouse Staffing Agency Has Hiring Experts

Staffing agencies already working with other warehouse companies have enough experience to understand the industry and the type of staffing needs you require. Turning to any old staffing agency may not guarantee that the staff chosen is appropriate. A warehouse staffing agency also has a general level of higher expertise in employment and recruitment practices that help us acquire the best warehouse workers for our clients. 


If you’re looking for staffing assistance, a staffing agency is the most cost-effective choice. They cover the entire employment process, so the employer is not financially responsible for any of the following steps: 

  • Pre-employment testing
  • Background checks
  • Drug screening
  • And more! 

Staffing firms will also be responsible for the costs related to payroll processing and benefits. 

The Benefits of a Reliable Network of Workers

A warehouse staffing agency often has a much more extensive network of workers on hand than employers do. This can be very valuable to employers looking to hire seasonal workers who already have enough expertise to carry out the job effectively. Because the staffing agency has already witnessed the work of their network members, they know who can do the job required for the warehouse client, which saves the client a lot of time. 

The Possibility for Continued Employment 

You will have the option to bring an employee on for a temporary amount of time, or if you like, you can choose to bring them on full-time. Many businesses use temporary staffing as a way to test out potential permanent employees. This method gives employers the chance to see how an employee may fit in with their team and how they perform on the job while relieving you of the responsibility of firing them if they don’t work out. Working with a warehouse staffing agency gives employers a considerable amount of staffing flexibility based on their current and future needs. 

Let First Team Staffing Be Your Employment Solution

First Team Staffing, located in Baltimore, MD, specializes in recruitment and placement of professional and temporary workers. The company, founded in 1982, is now a national leader in our industry. In our 35+ years of business, First Team has remained hands-on, relationship-based, and dedicated to partnerships we forge with our clients. We are proud to help our clients achieve their goals by providing them with a flexible and qualified workforce while providing genuine career opportunities to candidates. 

First Team Staffing has offices in Baltimore, Aberdeen, White Marsh, Columbia, Bowie, and Sparrows Point, MD. We have recently opened offices in Tennessee, located in Nashville, La Vergne, and Mount Juliet. Visit us online or in-person today to start your job or employee search, or reach us by phone at 410-719-0404. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for employment advice and company updates.