Follow These Recommended Tips To Update Your Resume

Before submitting job applications, the best thing you can do is ensure that your resume is up to date. After all, a resume is just a chronological order of your work experience. So with that said, listing all of your relevant skills and duties from your work history is essential.

First Team Staffing Resume Tips
Follow these resume tips before applying for your next job.

Not everyone can correctly write their resume. Sometimes, it might be lacking elements such as missing sections and gaps in work history. Or you can have an inappropriate email address listed in your contact information. Whatever your reason, continue reading to learn about our five tips to fix an unappealing resume. 

Make Your Resume Visually Appealing

A good tidbit for an excellent resume is using the proper templates. Word processing software such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word provides users with resume templates. Selecting the appropriate template is crucial because not all templates are necessary for a resume. 

The key is finding a template that isn’t that bland but strong enough to captivate a reader without any weird fonts or graphics. 

Explain Details of Every Position

Most of the time, you might have different jobs to list on your resume. Regardless of your experience, it would be wise to use bullet points to fill in all specific and relevant details. Short bullet points are easy to read, and you can use them to refer back to during a job interview. 

Employers Should Know Your Objective

For whatever reason, many prospective employees often overlook this key factor. You should always include this section at the beginning of your resume. Your objective is essential because it describes your character to a prospective employer. 

Your objective should always clearly state how your qualifications relate to the job. It should also show how you can be an asset to the company. You can also include the details of what you are looking for in your next position. Your objective should be at least a paragraph and is a synopsis of your value and professional and educational background. 

No Gaps In Your Resume

Nearly every employer asks questions about your work history in job interviews. Gaps in your resume could pose a red flag for many employers. For example, if you have a yearlong period where you were unemployed, you are almost certain to be questioned about it. Listing any temporary work on your resume that you may have completed can also help fill any potential gaps. 

Limit Spelling and Grammar Issues 

A minor typo or misspelled word can cost you the opportunity to interview for a job. First impressions are vital, and the appearance of a resume filled with grammatical errors is a turnoff for employers.

Many times it is helpful to have multiple people review your resume. More than likely, they would be able to pick up any issues you might have missed. Using a free tool as such as Grammarly is also helpful. 

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