information to remove from your resume
Learn what unnecessary items you can remove from your resume to improve your job search.

The Information You Can Remove From Your Resume

Creating the perfect resume takes a lot of time and thought. Without you even knowing, a few items on your resume may be hurting your job search and making a poor impression on employers. We’ve compiled a list below of items you can remove from your resume to make a good impression. With a good revision to your resume, your application may soon jump to the top of the pile with your next application. 

Your Objective

Unless you’re switching industries, it’s not essential to include a career objective on your resume. 

Personal Information

Information that does not belong on a resume includes your birth date, marital status, and religious affiliation. Unless directly relevant to the position to which you’re applying, this information is not necessary and may even be taken the wrong way by employers. 

Your Hobbies

Unless your hobbies are a bonus to the job you are applying to, then you can remove them from your resume. 

Any Lies or Half-Truths

If you lie or stretch the truth on your resume, you remove them as soon as you can. Your reputation could be seriously hurt if your lies are found out, and if you’re hired for a task that you can’t perform, you will have wasted your employer’s time as well as your own. 

Time Away from Work

If you took an extended amount of time off, whether through hiatus, vacation, childbirth, or an emergency, don’t include that in your resume. It is irrelevant to your new application, and the information may detract from the critical elements of your resume. 


Do not use up valuable space on your resume by including references or including a note that they are available upon request. If the hiring manager wants references, they will request them. 

An Inappropriate Email Address

You should create a professional email address for your work communications. Even if you still use your silly middle-school email, do not use it to send job applications. 

Headers and Footers

These can be acceptable if you are handing in a hard copy of your resume. Otherwise, when submitting applications online, headers and footers may scramble the information that gets put into a company’s applicant tracking system. 

Company-Specific Language

Any jargon or nicknames your previous company used for equipment or procedures should not be used. Use terms that anyone in your line of work will understand, so you communicate clearly. 

Applying these revisions to your resume can help better communicate your skills and professionalism to your next employer. 

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