first team staffing employers benefit from staffing agencies
How can employers benefit from staffing agencies? There are four primary ways.

4 Ways in Which Employers Benefit From Staffing Agencies

One of the most common struggles for companies is replacing old employees and finding new ones. When companies try to recruit on their own, they have to spend a significant amount of time advertising the position, reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews, and conducting background checks. All of that has to happen before they can even hire one new employee. Because of the time needed to find the best candidate for the job, many companies are starting to outsource their hiring needs to staffing agencies. By doing so, they realize the significant benefits that can come from work with a staffing firm. The following four benefits are the primary ways in which employers benefit from staffing agencies. 

Staffing Agencies Have Resources

Employers often don’t have adequate time to focus on hiring and onboarding. By using staffing agencies, employers can instead rely on the agency to conduct the essential hiring tasks, including: 

  • Searching for qualified candidates
  • Reviewing resumes and applications
  • Conducting phone and virtual screenings
  • Interviewing candidates 
  • Checking backgrounds and references

The staffing agency can narrow your list of candidates down to the very best options. While agencies do this hard work, employers can focus on maintaining their business productivity. 

Staffing Agencies Have a Network

Another way in which employers benefit from staffing agencies is through the agency’s network. Over time, agencies develop deep networks with candidates and hiring managers throughout numerous industries. Because of their connections, staffing agencies have a pool of candidates to pull from quickly whenever a company needs to add new employees during a busy time

Agencies Understand Company Needs

Third-party recruiters like staffing agencies understand both the needs of the companies they work with and the candidates. When your staffing firm looks for a new candidate, they consider relevant skills, experience, and potential fit within your company culture. They don’t just find a good candidate; they find a good candidate for your business. 

Staffing Agencies Help Companies Save Money

A primary way in which employers benefit from staffing agencies is by saving them money. Many “new hire” costs are absorbed by a company, as are work benefits and training. When you use a staffing agency to conduct all hiring activities, that saves you money. Additionally, the employee is technically hired by the agency, which again saves the company extra expenses. 

When employers work with the best staffing agencies, they can benefit from a partnership that saves them time and money while supplying them with the very best new members of their professional team. 

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