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3 Qualities to Look for in Your Next Great Hire

It can be particularly frustrating to go through the lengthy hiring process, only to bring someone on to your team who doesn’t perform as you thought they would. Low-performing employees can affect your company’s productivity and even your company culture. To avoid this situation, there are a few qualities you should look for in candidates. The following three qualities can help you be sure that you have found your next great hire. 

A Desire to Learn and Grow

Candidates that are eager to learn and enthusiastic about growing their skillset often make for great candidates. These employees are always seeking to improve themselves and can also be a great resource to others around them. As you consider potential candidates, you will want to gauge their willingness to learn on the job and desire to make positive contributions to the workplace through their actions.

Demonstrated Interest

There are many great candidates out there, but you need to find which candidates may be the next great hire for your business. Evaluate a candidate’s interest in your organization to determine how likely they are to be invested in their position for the long term. 

Does the candidate follow up with a note or phone call after their interview? Did they express a strong interest in your company culture? Are they excited about the opportunities available to them if they join your team? Consider these factors during the interview process. 

Employment History 

There are many reasons to look at employment history, but one of the biggest reasons is to get a sense of how committed employees may have been in the past. If there is frequent job-hopping or significant employment gaps, ask your candidate about them. This may indicate that the candidate is not interested in staying in a position for long, or it could be due to other factors. Asking about employment history during an interview is nevertheless an effective way to learn more about your candidate. 

Let Expert Recruiters Identify the Signs of a Great Hire

If you want to further reduce the chance of bringing on bad hires, invest in your hiring strategy. You can do this most effectively by investing in a partnership with a staffing agency. The hiring and recruitment experts at a staffing agency can spot your next great hire, so you don’t have to. They have extensive experience recruiting employees for various companies in numerous industries. You can tell them what you are looking for in a candidate, and they can present you with only the very best candidates to choose from. This partnership can not only make your hiring process more efficient but much more successful. 

Let First Team Staffing Be Your Employment Solution

First Team Staffing, located in Baltimore, MD, specializes in the recruitment and placement of professional and temporary workers. The company, founded in 1982, is now a national leader in our industry. In our 35+ years of business, First Team has remained hands-on, relationship-based, and dedicated to partnerships we forge with our clients. We are proud to help our clients achieve their goals by providing them with a flexible and qualified workforce while providing genuine career opportunities to candidates. First Team Staffing has offices in Baltimore, Aberdeen, White Marsh, Columbia, Bowie, and Sparrows Point, MD. We have recently opened offices in Tennessee, located in Nashville, La Vergne, and Mount Juliet. Visit us online or in-person today to start your job or employee search, or reach us by phone at 410-719-0404. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for employment advice and company updates.

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